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I have pioneered a tripartite theory on how to maximise the university experience. The three pillars of gaining an edge at university involve optimizing student’s social life, graduate career application success and academic focus. My observations and my own experience at university suggest that success in all three will give you the best possible start in life. The book also notes the attributes of winners and provides a list of good habits that you should try out.

Many students are tearing their hair out trying to find jobs in the worst economic recession in recent times. The challenges are severe, youth unemployment is high and getting degrees is no longer an automatic gateway to a high-flying career. With tuition fees tripled in 2012 and the UK competing against an increasingly formidable international workforce, the landscape looks rough.

Just like you I went into university uncertain about what to wanted, except to be happy. But what makes one happy at university? The answer varies but for me, it was security, not just in terms of safety, but the security of knowing I had a future once I graduated. However getting a career requires more than just good CV, you need an academic mark to get into a graduate scheme and when you sit in an interview, you need the charisma and the social skills to get employed.

That takes hard work and initially careers do not feature prominently for many students, especially with the media hype of continuous sex and partying at university. I got sucked into that hype too. University is one of the most amazing periods of a person’s life but most will make errors or leave important decisions too late. Some attend university without losing their stride; they make many friends, achieve excellent results, and leave with multiple job offers. They are the naturals. Others have to develop skills at school or work and must take chances in order to succeed. I myself transformed from a shy limited student to a confident man, but I learned it the hard way. I will guide you through the key attributes to be successful, socially, academically and in getting a future graduate career.

You can use this book as a reference guide and just focus on areas where you need improvement: for example tips on clubbing or job applications. But, the best way to experience the book is to read it from the beginning to end as ultimately, they all are all linked. You will read about my own journey through university so that you can imagine what it was like to be a student in my situation. Most of the book is about how you will create your story, how you can make sure that you maximise the opportunities provided at university and play the game so that eventually you realise your own dream.


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