About the Author

Johnny Luk was assigned as Senior Policy Advisor in the Shareholder Executive Directorate, within the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills via the UK Civil Service Fast Stream by the age of 21. A graduate from Durham, he was born in Hong Kong and has lived in Holland, Germany and England.

At Durham University he was awarded an academic award for his dissertation defence on colorectal cancer. Johnny has also won the ‘Durham Award’ and a ‘Silver Cross’ for his community work. At university he rose to become College Ambassador and Livers-Out Officer before winning a landslide election to become the Representative Committee Chair at St Cuthberts’ Society, one of the largest colleges at Durham University.

During his university studies he obtained corporate internships from the Financial Service Authority, Sun Life Financial and KPMG as well as attending insight programmes for Clifford Chance and other Magic Circle Law Firms. Johnny has spent several years part-time in the education sector in Bedford Modern School and Silver Tree Primary School (STPS). In the latter school, he was credited for improving science grades by 30% in one term.

He is the former U18 National Schools Rowing Gold Medallist and Captain of Boats at Bedford Modern School. He also held the positions as Senior Monitor and Interim House Captain. He is the two-time House Champion in debating and recipient of the Junior Debating Prize in 2005. He is multilingual in Mandarin, Cantonese and English and enjoys breakdancing, writing and travelling.


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