Attributes of Drivers

Saying Yes

One easy way to fill up your schedule is just by saying yes, especially when you normally say no. We all have this feeling of not being bothered. I remember having gone through a long day and deciding to take an early night. I changed to my PJ’s, brushed my teeth and climbed in my bed. Suddenly my phone buzzes, shattering my peace. I groaned and in the darkness grabbed my phone and stared bleary eyed at the text message. It was a friend stating we should go out clubbing tonight. I looked at the clock; it was not yet 11 pm. I sighed, placed my head on the pillow and tried to drift to sleep. But I stayed awake.  I was compelled not to miss out. So I follow the yes man philosophy, jumped out, changed and ran out the house. I would come home later without any regrets, making new friends and finding new opportunities. A lot of your friendships are forged by chance, a random event in a bar, street or house party so make sure you don’t miss out.

But those random events can only occur in the right setting. If you find yourself sitting in your room at university for extended periods of time, there is something wrong. Granted, you may need some serious concentration during academic studies, but do not kid yourself if in your heart you feel you are missing out, especially in your first year. I remember I would close my eyes, go to the society listings on a website and randomly pick events to join. I then would, so I ended up trying knitting society and Frisbee. Sure I sucked at it, but it was an experience. Saying yes becomes increasingly important when you realise you may have to do things you are not naturally inclined to do. Examples include volunteering to organise something, making speeches or go to an unfamiliar activity. It is those moments that you grow as a person. By saying yes more, you also value the power of no. Saying no is not a sin, but you ensure that saying no is a last resort. This allows not only develops your ability to prioritise and multitask, you would also be surprised by how much more productive you become as a person. Try and aim to so yes at least 51% of the time, not only at university, but in life.


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