Social Edge

The importance of a good social life

What is your biggest worry at university? Careers? Maybe, but for many it is about making friends and getting laid, true story. This question was posted on TSR and the response was pretty unanimous. Section B will note some patterns of success and the importance of a healthy social life in enhancing your career, your academic performance and your physical wellbeing. It will give you some hints and tips on how to be more sociable and more charismatic, taken from my own experiences.

There are three key pillars in success at university, the social side, the career side and the academic side. In my view, each of them is essential to be happy. Most succeed in two, especially the first and last, some succeed in the latter two and go on to be effective in their careers but limited beyond middle management because they lack the social intelligence to move on the next level. Many freshers master the social side and then struggle academically. I was in danger of first failing the social side, then failing the academic side, which would have rendered by achievements in my career search useless as they were conditional offers. In my view, my recovery on the social side added to my career but also my life. The first pillar in your success story…


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